Get Involved


Sign the petition developed by members of the Crown Heights community to show your support. Click here to sign

CONTACT your elected officials

Contact your local elected officials to let them know you suppose the Bedford Union Armory. Click HERE to voice your support

Subscribe to the Mailing List

Subscribe to the Bedford-Union Armory Mailing List to receive updates on the project. Click the link at the bottom of this page to sign up.

Talk to friends and neighbors

Talk to your friends and neighbors about how the Bedford-Union Armory will benefit the Crown Heights Community and encourage them to support the project.

Attend a public meeting

Show your support for the Bedford-Union Armory by attending a public meeting. You can hold a sign showing your support or you can sign up to speak.

Host a small group meeting

Interested in getting more involved? Host a small group meeting at your home or business for friends, neighbors, and other community members to learn more about how they can help support the Bedford-Union Armory.