Frequently Asked Questions


Bedford Courts was selected to serve as the developer, redeveloping the Armory into a mixed-use project, measuring approximately 500,000 gross square feet.

CAMBA is a non-profit organization that provides services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life. CAMBA will manage the recreational facility and the community event space and will administer the affordable housing program on behalf of Bedford Courts.

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) will serve as the lease administrator and provide project oversight on behalf of the City of New York.

New York City Housing and Preservation Development (NYCHPD) will advice NYCEDC and Bedford Courts on the affordable housing component. NYCHPD will also regulate the affordable housing after construction.

In 2012, former Borough President Marty Markowitz initiated an analysis for the redevelopment of the Armory and enlisted NYU Wagner to propose a vision for the building's future. The resulting work included background and technical research, community outreach, and interviews which resulted in a recommendation that the Armory be transformed into a multi-purpose community facility offering space for athletics, recreation, and arts programming.

NYCEDC issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the site's redevelopment in October 2013. NYCEDC also implemented a comprehensive community engagement campaign, in partnership with local elected officials, soliciting community input on redevelopment of the site before reviewing final proposals. NYCEDC and local elected officials co-hosted group discussions with community leaders from 23 organizations and conducted two public meetings in October 2014 with nearly 250 community members in attendance. Following these meetings, NYCEDC negotiated with RFP respondents so that proposals closely reflected community input.

Yes, the project will comply with all ADA requirements.

Bedford Courts will enter into a 99-year ground lease for the majority of the site including the Drill Shed, Parking Garage and the majority of the Head House on Bedford Avenue. The Developer will purchase the 2-story portion of the Head House on President Street, which totals approximately 30,000 SF.


The team is working to design a state of the art recreational facility that will be able to accommodate many different users. The design is still in progress, but the facility is expected to contain multi-sport courts that are capable of catering to dozens of different sports and games, a brand new natatorium with a 25-meter pool, and other fitness and wellness elements.

At least initially, the recreational facility will operate Monday through Friday 7:00am to 9:00pm and Saturday through Sunday 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Rates for use of the facilities will be determined based upon similar facilities' rates at the time of opening. As part of the lease agreement with the City of New York, the operator will be required to offer discounted user fees to the community. In addition, the facility will be used by local community organizations and not-for-profits that typically provide services for free or discounted rates.


The Head House will include an approximately 4,500 gross square foot flexible community event space. Organizations and community members will have acess to the space, which can be used for workshops, conferences, community meetings, or classes. The Head House will also include office space, marketing to educational organizations and small businesses to occupy the commercial space.

CAMBA will manage access to the community event space. For the office space, the developer will enter into leases directly with commercial and community facility tenants. All interested parties are encouraged to submit an inquiry via the website or email - if you are interested in applying for office space please CLICK HERE to learn more.

Bedford Courts will partner with local community groups and their networks to advertise available space to educational organizations, small businesses, and commercial users.

CAMBA will manage the recreational facility, the community event space and administer the affordable housing program on behalf of Bedford Courts. CAMBA is a non-profit organization that provides services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life, and has experience managing City-owned community facilities with multiple tenants in other parts of Brooklyn.


Housing is considered "affordable" when a household spends no more than 1/3 of its pre-tax income on rent and utilities. Each year, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calculates the Area Median Income (AMI of the New York City region and establishes income guidelines for affordable housing. For 2016, 100% of the AMI is $90,600 for a family of four and $63,500 for an individual in the NYC Metropolitan Statistical Area.

This project advances the goals outlined in Housing New York by delivering affordable units, including larger units for families, across a broad range of income bands from very low-income and low-income to moderate-income and market rate.

Yes, it is anticipated that the site will be rezoned to accommodate the proposed project. The affordability levels as proposed will meet or exceed the levels required by the City's Mandatory Inclusionary Housing policy.

For more information on NYC's MIH program click here.

At least half of which will be affordable to very low-, low- and moderate-income residents. A portion of the project also includes condominium units along President Street.

30% of the total rental units will be permanently affordable.

Rents will not be set until the building is nearly complete. The following table shows rents based on current AMI levels. AMI is definied each year by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for all cities across the county. The 2016 AMI for the New York City Region is $81,600 for three-person family (100% AMI).

Affordable units are marketed through a lottery system by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (NYCHPD) to ensure all qualified applicants have an equal opportunity. The lottery is a public process advertised on the internet as well as in print. Interested candidates will be able to apply online through NYC Housing Connect here.

In addition, market rate units will be marketed by Bedford Courts to the general public as well. Please refer to our website for the latest information.

HPD Marketing Guidelines include a 50% preference for Community Board residents.


Bedford Courts aims to achieve MWBE participation of at least 25% of the project's total dollar value. Bedford Courts plans to reach this goal by tailoring its bid packages and consulting with local officials, utilizing MWBE consultants and databases, and access other key resources to expand opportunities to smaller contractors that might not be registered. If Bedford Courts does not use good faith efforts ot achieve its goal, NYCEDC can assess financial penalties.

Please refer any interested MWBE firms to for up-to-date information on MWBE-focused events and outreach.

Bedford Courts will participate in HireNYC( for construction and permanent jobs, setting a goal of filling 50% of all new permanent jobs created (including those created by tenants with people who have an income that is below 200% of the poverty level.

Yes, all permanent employees of the projects will receive living wage.

The developer will reach out to local community groups with available jobs to advertise within the local community. The developer will utilize SBS Workforce1 to advertise available positions.


Bedford Courts was designated as the developer in December 2015. The project is subject to a public approval process known as the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) - learn more by clicking here. Bedford Courts anticipates entering this process in Spring 2017. Once ULURP begins, it can take 7-9 months to complete. Once Bedford Courts closes on the site, it will take 30-36 months to complete construction.

CAMBA will oversee the scheduling and operation of the recreation center and community event space and will be required to provide a minimum of community benefits, which includes below market rate access to the space. CAMBA may also partner with other not-for-profit providers that will run programs in the facility. For example, CAMBA may lease the space to an after school sports program that provides access to local community members.

The development team will work to minimize disruptions to the community and keep neighbors informed of potentially impactful work.

The renovation of the Drill Hall and Head House will be concentrated inside the building, so neighborhood impact should be minimal. Any potential disruptions to the local community will be studied as part of the environmental review, which examines the project's impact on elements such as infrastrutcture and traffic.

Bedford Courts has been holding regular community meetings since being designated and will continue to meet with the local community throughout the process. Community Board 9 will also host a number of events in order to engage the community. You can also email the team at

Once construction is complete, Bedford Courts will invite local individuals and others to form a community advisory board to ensure proper operations and accessibility of the facilities. The community advisory board will act as a liason between Bedford Courts, CAMBA, and the community, as well as oversee the operations of the facility and ensure that community needs are being met. The makeup of the advisory board is to be determined.

For any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Bedford Courts at