Restoring History, Building Community

Historic re-use

The Drill Hall and Head House will be updated and modernized in order to serve the local community for another hundred years, while preserving a majority of the historically significant portions of the Armory.

Community Facility

The Head House will include a historic community event space flexible enough to accommodate up to 500 guests.

Affordable Housing

The project will offer a range of unit types and affordability levels, with half of the affordable units set aside for local residents.

M/WBE Hiring

Bedford Courts will seek to source 25% of construction services from Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs).


The centerpiece of the project is a new community recreational facility including multi-sports courts, an indoor turf field, fitness areas and a 25-meter pool.


The facility will include over 12,500 SF of office space available to not-for-profit and small businesses at discounted rates.


The Bedford Union Armory, originally named the Troop C Armory after its construction at the turn of the 20th centure, is located at 1555 Bedford Avenue in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Armory occupies nearly an entire city block between Bedford Avenue, Rogers Avenue, Union Street, and President Street.

Designed by architects Pilcher and Tachau, the Armory was acclaimed as the first structure of the "Art Noveau" style in Brooklyn. The historic Armory was comprised of two main sections, the Drill Hall and the Head House, and a third section, the parking facility, was added at a later date. The armory, cutting edge at its time, was designed to accommodate the needs of a cavalry unit. The Head House contains offices, classrooms, a bar or reception room, and a small gym. The lower level along President Street contains a one-hundred-yard-long firing range, as well as the building's mechanical, locker and storage rooms.

Although originally built to accommodate the National Guard, the Bedford Union Armory was regularly used by civilians for athletic events, community gatherings and other civic functions. The property reverted to control by the City of New York (the "City") in 2013 and has remained primarily vacant.

The proposed re-development intends to maintain the Armory as the "Crown Jewel" of Crown Heights by preserving not only the Armory's iconic Drill Hall and Head House, but also its role as a community resource. The renovated Drill Hall will become a recreational facility containing 3 multi-sport courts, an indoor turf field, and a 25-meter swimming pool. The Head House will serve as a community facility, with space reserved for community based organizations and a community event space capable of accommodating up to approximately 500 individuals.

On the eastern end of the lot will be a mixed-income rental apartment with approximately 330 units, half of which will be at varying affordability levels. The remainder of the units will be market rate. The residential building will sit on top of a parking structure. Along President Street, the former stables will become a new residential condominium building. Of these condominiums, 20% will be set aside as income restricted units.